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Our Teleport

Our Teleport is located in Rome Italy at via Cornelia, 498 - 00166 Roma. We provide teleport services (satellite ground stations) containing 20+ satellite dishes for receiving/transmitting, ranging in size range from 0.9m-6m in diameter that uplink/downlink from major satellites in orbital positions span from 80°E-45°W.

Our teleport is located on the top of a hill with full arch visibility.


We transmit to over 20 of satellites and have the ability to receive transmissions from over 20 satellites. Broadcasters use our uplink services to transmit programming to a satellite. Programming is distributed either to a cable television headend, to a satellite television facility, to a mobile operator, to an Internet Protocol television (IPTV) operator headend, to direct-to-home consumers or directly over the Internet.


The gtt POP with main facilities for fiber and power management is located in the very next building on southeast side of our offices. Cable duct are already provided between the three areas (gtt/iKO indoor/iKO outdoor).

Our Teleport


Global Satellite Network


Hot Bird 13E

With three high-power satellites, the HOT BIRD family at 13° East forms one of the largest broadcasting systems in Europe, delivering 1100 television channels to more than 138 million TV homes in Europe


Eutelsat 53E

The Eutelsat/AM6 53° East satellite has been manufactured by JSC “Academician ‑F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems” (Russia) in cooperation with Radio Research and Development Institute (Russia)

Eutelsat 8W

Satellite broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa has gained new powerful broadcasting resources,he EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite has joined the satellites

Eutelsat 9B

Eutelsat 9B is built by Airbus Defence and Space based on the Eurostar E3000 Platform.It is located at 9° E and serve for DTH Broadcasting, Cable, DTT and professional video services in wide pan-European coverage, delivering more than 100 HD channel into more than 14 Million homes.


Eutelsat 21B

EUTELSAT 21B was built by prime contractor Thales Alenia Space for Eutelsat Communications. It provides Ku-band telecommunications, data and broadband services over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East


ABS3A is located at 3° W, connecting America, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Serving for the DTH Broadcasting, VSAT services, IP trunking, cellular backhaul and maritime services.


Eutelsat 7E

EUTELSAT 7E is co-located with the EUTELSAT 7A satellite at this new orbital hotspot for customers in South-East Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean

Telstar 12 VANTAGE

The next generation Telstar 12 VANTAGE is a powerful new satellite with high throughput capabilities replacing and expanding on Telstar 12 at 15° West.


Galaxy 23

Galaxy 23/EchoStar 9 communications satellite jointly owned by Intelsat and EchoStar located at 121° W longitude, serving the North American market.

Intelsat 11

Intelsat 11 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat planned to be located at 43° W longitude, serving the Americas market.


Intelsat 14

Intelsat 14 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat located at 45° West longitude, serving the Americas, Europe, and African markets. Intelsat 14 replaced Intelsat 1R.  It built by Space Systems Loral, as part of its LS-1300 line.

Galaxy 19

With three high-power satellites, the Galaxy 19 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat located at 97° West longitude, serving the North American market. Galaxy 19 replaced Galaxy 25 which is nearing the end of its design life.


Eutelsat 65W

Eutelsat 65W A is built by Space Systems Loral (SSL) in California and based on the SSL 1300 satellite platform, it is located at 65.0° W and have wide coverage over Brazil and Latin America. Providing services for the DTH Broadcast for HD and UHD channel into more than 19 Million homes.


Asiasat 5

AsiaSat 5 is a Space Systems Loral 1300 series satellite, AsiaSat 5 serves as a replacement for AsiaSat 2 at 100.5° E. It’s footprint covers more than 53 countries in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, CIS and Australia

Optus D2

Optus D2 provides ongoing capacity for ethnic broadcast services and VSAT services plus growth to meet future business demands.


Apstar 7

Apstar7 is operated by APT satellite as part of Apstar System. It serves as replacement of Apstar2R from 76.5° E. it has wide coverage over Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and China.

Thaicom 5

THAICOM 5 is a Thai geostationary communications satellite, which is operated by Thaicom. It has been constructed by Alcatel Alenia Space, based on the Spacebus 3000A satellite bus


Yamal 401

Yamal-401 is a Russian geostationary communications satellite at 90° E operated by Gazprom Space Systems. 

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